Mylossoma aureum

23. October 2020

The magnificent pacus of the genus Mylossoma that reach at most approximately 30 cm of length (the average length in the nature amounts to approximately half of this measure), are only with difficulty determinable. The last revision from 2018 (Mateussi et al.) distinguishes 4 species south of the Andes (another species, M. acanthogaster, occurs in Lake Maracibo, i.e. north of the Andes): M. albiscopum and M. aureum from the Amazon and Orinoco basins, M. duriventre from the Paraguay-Parana-Uruguay basins, and M. unimaculatum from the Araguaia-Tocantins basin.

All Mylossoma species look the same in their youth dress. They are silver colored with an eye spot in the middle of the body. We have now received adorable, 3-4 cm long young animals from Venezuela. According to that they are either M. albiscopum or M. aureum. Since the difference between the two species can only be seen on x-rays and the name M. albiscopum is unknown in the aquarium world, but M. aureum is mentioned here and there, we decided to call the animals M. aureum. However, it is not excluded that it is a mixed swarm, consisting of both species.

Mylossoma are mixed feeders, which in nature feed on fruits, seeds and insects. They are regarded as white water fish; M. albiscopum is one of the most important food fish in the Brazilian Amazon, while M. aureum is less important in this respect.

The care should be done in the swarm in an accordingly large aquarium. The water temperature should be between 24 and 30°C. Mylossoma are usually peaceful among each other and against other fish. A planting is usually only possible with especially robust plants (Javafarn, Anubias etc.), sometimes however, also these are eaten. This can be counteracted by feeding green food (chickweed, salads, dandelion etc.). These Scheibensalmler do not have special requirements to the water composition.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer