Nothobranchius korthausae

6. March 2023

The small island of Mafia is located off the coast of Tanzania. It is the southernmost island of the so-called Zanzibar archipelago and has an area of about 435 km2. In 1972 Edith Korthaus, editor of the magazine “Das Aquarium”, visited the island. She found there a yellow Nothobranchius, which one year later – in her honor – was scientifically described as Nothobranchius korthausae. Later, red males were also found. The females of all color morphs are colored the same. 

Nothobranchius korthausae is only known from a tiny species area with very few localities. This alone makes the species highly endangered. The few collections by traveling aquarists are not a threat to the natural populations, all scientists agree. There are of course no commercial catches of this species, all animals kept in aquariums are captive bred. The current aquarium population has a mixed heritage, i.e. all possible forms from yellow to red with intermediate forms occur. However, aquaristically more and more the red ones prevail, they are just perceived as prettier.

The relatively small Nothobranchius (4-5 cm) is not complicated to maintain. It likes soft, slightly acidic water best. It is one of the very few Nothobranchius species whose eggs hatch even if they have not gone through a dry phase.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer