Procambaris sp. marbled blue

6. July 2007

Procambaris sp. marmor-blau

March 2002: This nice blue colour variant of the Marmorkrebs (the initially German name is now in international use and means „marbled crayfish“) is actually available. The Marmorkrebs is a remarkable species, because until now only females are known. The species breeds parthenogentically, eg females lay unfertilized eggs and produce only females again. As the species determination in these kind of crayfish depends mainly on the sexual organs of the males, no-one can hang a scientific name on the species, although it is kept and bred in aquaria for years now. The Marmorkrebs grows to a length of about 6-8 cm and is (compared with other crayfish) quite peaceful. Sadly the eat or destroy any plant that grows in the tank. Nevertheless they always find their way in the aquaria because of their interesting biology. Enthusiasts keep that species either in company with plant eating fish species or in a small extra tank. (Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

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