Sesarmops intermedium, Flower Crab

6. July 2007

Sesarmops intermedium

This crab is known under the trading name “Flower Crab”. It will not outgrow 4 cm, measured by its carapace. These crustaceans have two large, red claws, which could weigh up to half the total body weight. In nature they feed mainly on algae and other organic material, which they catch with smaller pincers. The Flower Crab needs a dry surface in their tank. Feeding in captivity is no problem at all; they eat all available fish food including flake and pellets. To thrive these crustaceans need an addition of salt in the water. One teaspoon for 10 litres of water should be sufficient. Their tank should be thoroughly covered because crabs and lobsters are notorious escape artists, who will find every small opening to get out of their artificial environment in order to dry up and perish somewhere in the room.(Photo: Frank Schäfer, Text: Izaak den Daas)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Taiwan