Wakin goldfish Hoe Kim

27. January 2020

One of the earliest fin changes to occur in goldfish is a doubling of the caudal fin, a mutation that occurs exclusively in the species „goldfish“. Simple goldfish with a double caudal fin are called Wakin.

The red-and-white fish is one of the most common and most beautiful colour variations of the goldfish. One calls red-white-colored animals Sarasa. The Sarasa-Wakin is also called Wakin Hoe Kim.

Wakin goldfish are also completely winter hardy here. One must consider however that the animals are bred in tropical Asia and are used to higher water temperatures (18-24°C). Therefore, they should be kept indoors until the water temperature in the pond is permanently above 16°C, unless the pond is heatable. In the autumn, the fish kept during the warm season in the pond will get used to the gradually sinking temperatures without any problems.

Wakin goldfish, just like the basic form, usually grow to 15-20 cm long, with a maximum length of approx. 30 cm.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer