Great variety of freshwater stingrays available at Aquarium Glaser

23. February 2009

The export stop of freshwater stingrays (Potamotrygon) has ended and so the very much sought after black species (P. henlei and P. leopoldi) are regulary available now again.

Beside these Brazilian black rays we have astonishing Flower rays (P. schroederi) from Colombia and Venezuela, fantastic „King Marble”and Fire Spot” from Colombia (called P. motoro in the trade, but are in fact the species described as P. boesemani recently) and very nice „Tigrillos” (P. castexi) from Peru.

In all these rays each indivial animal has a different colour pattern. That is the reason why our customers get always actual photos of the fish we have in stock. And also the pictures you see right here are not „any” photos, but exactly the fish in our house.

Text and Photos: Frank Schäfer