Amia calva

21. March 2016

Four specimens – gorgeous animals, which are 15 – 20 cm long – of this “living fossil” reached us recently. Once there was a time when relatives of this species lived allmost all over the World, even in Europe several species existed. These creatures were already existent when the dinosaurs walked around. However, nowadays only one species is left, namely Amia calva, which is native in the eastern USA.

The bowfin – this is the common name of the species – can reach a maximum size of about one meter, but usually grows not larger than 50 cm. Males stay smaller in general than females. Bowfins are predators that feed on fish, crayfish and so on. Amia calva has very sharp teeth and uses them in case it feels in trouble. So one should be aware of that fact.

The bowfin is a coldwater fish, but due to its lung breathing the fish can survive even in warm and muddy water. Even temperatures over 30°C are tolerated. The fish take an intensive broodcare. Males build a kind of nest of plant material in which the adhesive eggs are spawned. The hatchlings are also guarded for a while by the male.

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Lexicon: Amia: a name for a fish in ancient Greece, but nowadays nobody knows anymore, what species was meant. calva: Latin, means “smooth”.

Common name: Bowfin

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft USA
Verfügbare Größe in cm 15-20