Annamia normani

31. July 2013

This top-rarity among the hillstream loaches reached us from Vietnam, where the genus Annamia is represented by this single species. A second, formally described species (A. thuathiensis), also from Vietnam, needs to be researched. A. normani has also been reported from Laos and Cambodia.

Annamia normani attains a maximum length of about 10 cm and is thus a large an representative hillstream loach. The fish is hardly shy and can be thus good observed in the aquarium. The pectoral and ventral fins are curled up and thus work like the heck spoiler of a racing car. They help the fish to stay near the bottom in water with strong current and save the power of the fish.

Annamia feed on Aufwuchs and so they need fine frozen and live foods as well as plant material. Food flakes are usually taken readily. Against tankmates, may they belong to their own or to other species, Annamia normani have proofed to be quite peaceful.

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Lexicon: Annamia: after the old name for a larger part of what is nowadays Vietnam, eg “Annam”. Thus the name means “coming from Annam”. normani: dedication name for John Roxborough Norman (1898-1944), British ichthyologist , who worked inter alia at the British Museum in London.

Suggestion of a common name: Vietnamese Giraffe Loach

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Vietnam
Verfügbare Größe in cm 5-7