Petruichthys  brevis (formerly: Yunnanilus brevis)

14. April 2023

Petruichthys brevis is a species of loach that originates from Burma. Here it occurs only in Inle Lake. The species attains a length of only 4-5 cm and thus belongs to the small species of fish. In contrast to most other species of loach, this one is a free swimming, schooling species. The swimming behaviour is similar to that of the penguin tetra (Thayeria boehlkei), eg the fish prefer to swim in a head-up position. The caudal peduncle is slightly snapped off, an adaption to the special swimming style.

Petruichthys brevis can be bred quite easily in aquaria. The fish spawn among fine underwater plants. Males are smaller, have longer pectoral fins and usually a longitudinal stripe on the side, while females grow larger and have a spotted pattern.

Lake Inle has comparatively hard water, so most types of tap water are perfectly suited for keeping this fish. The water temperature can be between 16 and 26°C what makes a heater unnecessary in living rooms.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer