Protomyzon pachychilus – season for Panda loaches!

23. March 2015

extremely charming juveniles of the Panda loach are available only a
few weeks per year. Obviously this year was a good one for the fish and
they have bred very successful, because a comparatively large number of
specimens is offered for comparatively low prices. Among the good number
of specimens we were able to import this year were – we observe this
for the fist time – a lot of aberrant coloured fish. But most of them
look like one is used to for the youngsters of this species: black and
white rings and a black nose. Fully grown Panda loaches loose this
pattern and get a brownish and greyish coloration. The species attains a
length of 6-7 cm.

The Panda loach has been placed currently in the new genus Yaoshania, so the full scientific name is now Yaoshania pachychilus.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer