Schistura cf. jarutanini

19. February 2009

Schistura cf. jarutanini Schistura cf. jarutanini Schistura cf. jarutanini

The brook loaches of the genus Schistura are far spread over South and Southeast Asia. There are hundreds of species, most of them still scientifically undescribed. Almost each flowing water has it´s own species. So it is no surprise that some of the species also became cave-dwellers.

We could import a small number of individuals of a very special species now: Schistura cf. jarutanini. All cave fishes have naturally a very limited distribution. Thus we have the self-limitation to import these animals only occasionally and in small numbers to make sure that there is no danger for the natural population by over-collecting.

The very spezial thing in Schistura cf. jarutanini is the fact that we so to say look over the should of evoltion while observing them. There are individuals which are completly blind and have no eyes at all (at least no visible eyes) . This is usual for cave fishes. But there are others with well developed eyes also! And in between are specimens with eyes that are deformed. The coloration is very variable. The blinder the animals are the less contrasting is the coloration.

In the aquarium these fish can be easily kept. They are omnivorous and one has to keep an eye on them to hinder them to become too fat. Against any tankmates – may they be of the own or another species – they are completely peaceful. In contrast to most other loaches they are restless swimmers. All in all this loach is (also in respect to it´s relative rareness) a fish for specialized aquarists only, but fulfills all the desires a researcher may have.

Text and photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Thailand
Verfügbare Größe in cm 5-7