Schistura savona

19. April 2022

What the Corydoras are in South America, the Schistura loaches are in Asia. In hundreds of species they populate practically every stream and smaller river of the tropical and subtropical regions of the continent. In many cases, identification is difficult or impossible. Not so with Schistura savona from India. Its “half band” pattern with white belly makes it almost unmistakable despite all intraspecific variation.

In contrast to many other Schistura species, S. savona is a peaceful fellow and also remains very small with about 4 cm maximum length. Thus it fits into every community aquarium with stream character. The species is very sociable, therefore it should be kept in groups of 10 or more. The males are clearly smaller than the females.

The substrate should consist of fine sand at least in places. Some roots and flat, rounded stones should also not be missing. Any fish food of suitable size is eaten, plants are not bothered, at most accidentally dug up. Schistura savona is a fish of the subtropics, so it does not need additional heating in room aquariums: temperatures between 16 and 26°C occur in the natural habitat of the fish. However, the fish should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes, changes up or down should be gradual. No special demands are made on the water composition, any tap water suitable as drinking water is also suitable for the care of S. savona

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer