Serpenticobitis cingulata

21. March 2016

received this beautiful loch from Thailand. The genus Serpenticobitis
contains only three species, all described in 1997/98. They differ from
each other only in pattern. The type species, S. octozona, has broad,
dark vertical bands with only very narrow light interspaces. In S.
zonata the interspaces are much broader; in both species he dark bands
run down to the belly, whereas in S. cingulata the belly is white.

loaches are very peaceful and schooling animals. They become about 6 cm
long. Although they look very much alike members of the loach genus
Nemacheilus, the behaviour is more like a hillstream loach. Like
hillstream loaches, Serpenticobitis are able to attach themselves on
glass etc. The species originates from the central Mekong in northern

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer