Sewellia speciosa

26. January 2010

Currently we were able to import this nice hillstream loach from Laos for the first time. The species is restricted to the Kong river influence in Laos and Vietnam. Maximum length is around 6 cm. The species has a very interesting sexual dimorphism. Males – which are in general more tiny than females – develope patches of tubercles on the pectoral fins. The sense of this is not researched yet.

Like all Sewellia these fish like strong current. They are completely peaceful against tankmates, may they belong to their own or to different species. However, one must make sure that the fish get enough food. Frozen food, especially bloodworm, is readily taken.

Lexicon: Sewellia: dedication name. speciosa: Latin, means “beautiful, showy”.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer