Barbus congicus

6. July 2007

The Congo Barb is a rarely traded ornamental fish. As you can see by their name Barbus congicus originates from the Congo river in Central Africa. With a length of 7 – 8 cm it belongs to the medium sized barbs and should, according to its vivaciousness, not be maintained in to small aquariums. With the maintenance of active swarm fish sufficient free swimming areas should always be present, a dense planting of the tank background is to be aimed not only from aesthetic criteria. It is also a refuge for fry and suppressed individuals. Against food and water equivalents (neutral pH, Temp.: 24 – 27°C) Barbus congicus makes no special demands and should thus be an interesting fish for the engaged hobbyist.(Photo: Erwin Schraml, Text: Klaus Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Congo, Congo river