Barbus jae

6. July 2007

The Jae barb is one rarely out of central Africa imported dwarf barb. With scarcely four centimeters of length they attained full growth and show an attractive red coloration on their fins. The red hue of the fins is more weakly pronounced with the females; their body exhibits predominantly beige-brown tones. In addition the females become somewhat larger and stronger than the slimmer males. For aquarium maintenance they should be kept by pH around 6 and DGH < 8 according to their origin. Temperatures of 21 - 25 °C are sufficient. The space requirement of the Jae barb is to be fulfilled with smaller aquariums, it represents thus a outstanding addition of the assortment remaining small fish. It should be associated with small lasting, calm species, so that its delicate beauty does not go down. Also for living together with the popular dwarf shrimps it is an ideal tank mate.(Photo: Erwin Schraml, Text: Klaus Diehl)

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