Danio nigrofasciatus

11. January 2023

The spotted danio (Danio nigrofasciatus) originates from Burma (Pegu and Mulmein) and is a close relative of the zebra danio (Danio rerio), to which it is completely similar in behavior. However, the spotted danio remains somewhat smaller with a maximum total length of 4 cm.

The cute schooling fish come from subtropical regions; in winter they are kept at 18-22°C, otherwise at 24-26°C, for breeding they are kept at 2°C higher.  They are absolutely peaceful and do not eat plants.

Like all Danio species, Danio nigrofasciatus is a free spawner, which likes to lay the eggs over fine-feathered plants. The parents care for the spawn only insofar as they like to eat it. Not every male harmonizes with every female and vize versa. Therefore breeding should be done best in a shoal. The spotted danio is by far not as productive as the zebra danio. In the trade are therefore mainly wild collected specimens.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer