Discherodontus ashmeadi

12. October 2020

The redtail barb Discherodontus ashmeadi originates from the tropical Southeast Asia. It can reach an overall length of up to 14 cm. They occur widespread in the Mekong and Meklong areas. In their appearance especially the dark dorsal fin spot and the strong red markings of the caudal fin stand out. 

In their native country they inhabit streams and rivers with clear water, a moderate to strong current and gravelly ground. There, they live from insects and other invertebrates, that they look for in decomposing leaves at the water-ground. Lively swarm-fish of this size need spacious aquariums. 

More robust representatives of the Asian fish fauna are suitable for a community tank with D. ashmeadi. Especially loaches (Botias in the farthest sense) or other barb-types come into consideration for it.

Photos: F. Schäfer, Text: K. Diehl