Elopichthys bambusa

27. March 2012

Elopichthys bambusa Elopichthys bambusa Elopichthys bambusa Elopichthys bambusa

For the first time ever we received youngsters of this highly interestingly fish species. Maximum length reported for Elopichthys is about 2 m. This species is one of the very few real predators among the carp-like fish. Currently the genus Elopichthys is regarded to be monotypical, but there might exist a second species in the north of Vietnam, which is characterized by larger scales and and a more anteriorly placed dorsal fin.

Elopichthys bambusa occurs in China and Siberia. So it can be kept easily in garden ponds and has no problems during the winter in central Europe.

As everybody knowns, carps have no maxillary teeth at all. Elopichthys has solved that problem and developed strong horny sheets along the maxilla. So the mouth of the fish works like a strong scissor. Moreover the mouth´s tip has a hook on the lower jaw and a notch in the upper jaw; so the predator is enabled to hold strongly its prey.

In the wild Elopichthys bambusa prefers to hunt nearby waterfalls and rapids. Against conspecifics the fish are completely peaceful, at least in our facility.

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Lexicon: Elopichthys: means “fish like an Elops”; Elops is another genus of fish. bambusa: means “belonging to bamboo”.

Common name: Yellowcheek

Text & Photos: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Asien / Asia
Verfügbare Größe in cm 6-8