Garra flavatra

27. November 2009

The algae-eating suckermouth barb Garra flavatra from Burma is a quite beautiful fish. In contrast to all other species of algae-eaters this is a species which is kept due to its own attractivity.

In our show-room the fish now revealed a secret they kept so far: they develope deep red fins!

Keeping Garra flavatra is very easy. They like water temperatures between 18 and 26°C (better cooler than warmer). The remaining water parameters are of no meaning for them. The up to 9 cm long fish are kept best in groups. They are completely peaceful against each other as well as against other species.

For our customers: we currently have bred ones (416460) and wild collected ones (416461) in stock. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale market.

Lexicon: Garra: an indigenous name for those fishes in Bengal. flavatra: Latin, means “yellow-black”, referring to the coloration.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer