Labeo variegatus

16. June 2014

a long time we were able once again to import this beautiful species of
Labeo from the Congo. Scientifically speaking, the name “variegatus” is
regarded only as a synonym of Labeo cyclorhynchus nowadays. However, it
is pretty difficult to substitute a well known name – like Labeo
variegatus –  in the aquarium hobby by a new one. The checkered variety
of Labeo cyclorhynchus (we exclusively have these fish in stock) occurs
in the wild, but bears no scientific name on its own. It is maybe best
compared with the so called OB-morphs in Mbuna cichlids from Lake
Malawi. The “normal” variety of Labeo cyclorhynchus is hardly ever
imported, so we have to show you here an elder picture from a former
importation for comparison.

cyclorhynchus becomes about 16 cm long. Like all Labeos these fish are
quarrelsome against conspecifics, but especially L. cyclorhynchus is
regarded to be quite peaceful against other species of fish. Usually
this species has long, sickle-shaped dorsal fins. But one of our
specimens has a “normal”-shaped dorsal fin. This possibly is a sexual
dimorphism. Possibly the “Variegatus”-morph is most often linked to male
specimens? So far nobody knows this…

For our customers: the fish have code 142264 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer