Microphysogobio tafangensis

21. October 2020

The genus Microphysogobio comprises more than 30 species of small (6-10 cm) gudgeons. Many species look very similar to each other and for many of them it became clear only by molecular examinations (DNA) that the comparatively small differences are in fact species differences. Aquaristically, these animals, which usually colonize fast-flowing, cool waters in nature, have not yet made a significant appearance. They look simply too similar to our native gudgeon (Gobio gobio). The most important difference to the native gudgeon is usually not visible: the underside of the mouth region of Microphysogobio is fleshy and has numerous papillae.

We just succeeded in importing a really spectacular species of this genus, which originates from the southern Chinese province of Zhejiang, where it is endemic (i.e., seen worldwide, only there) in the system of the most important river of this province, the Qiantang. This province is not located in the tropics, the climate is subtropical; in winter, temperatures drop to just below 10°C, in summer they rise to 30°C. Accordingly, one should not keep the fish too warm and especially at seasonally varying temperatures.

The males of Microphysogobio tafangensis have sail-like, bluish dorsal fins with reddish fin rays, which looks truly magnificent; the import of females is still pending. They are peaceful among each other and against other fish. One should keep them, according to their origin, with good current and clear water; the bottom should be gritty-sandy.

For our customers: the animals have code 430814 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade. Only available in small quantities and only males!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer