Rasbora einthovenii

30. September 2022

A typical companion fish of harlequin barbs (Trigonostigma), chocolate gouramis (Sphaerichthys) and other blackwater fish is Rasbora einthovenii. The species is unfortunately very rarely imported, although it has a large range. It is found on the large Sunda islands of Sumatra and Borneo, on the Malay Peninsula and in southern Thailand in suitable biotopes. Usually it is found in moderately flowing, small streams, which are only a few meters wide and 1-2 meters deep. 

At first sight R. einhovenii resembles the ubiquitous longitudinal striped rasboras of Southeast Asia (Rasbora paviana and related species), but a closer look reveals the species-typical characteristics: the somewhat stocky build with the relatively blunt head profile, the fact that the longitudinal black stripe runs through the middle of the caudal fin (this ends at the base of the caudal fin in all other longitudinal striped rasboras), and the delicate blue and pink longitudinal stripes above the prominent black band.

Rasbora einthovenii usually reaches a length of 5-6 cm, but can grow up to 9 cm in exceptional cases. It is a perfect community fish for well planted aquariums with dark substrate and peaceful fish, such as labyrinths, barbs, etc. They are typical free spawners, caring for spawn and juveniles only insofar as they see them as a change from their usual diet. External sex differences are only weakly pronounced, males are slightly smaller and more delicate than females.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer