Rasbora vulcanus

26. August 2015

Rasbora originates from the west coast of Sumatra. It attains a maximum
length of about 5 cm. The “hot” name of the species is not only a
reminder on the volcanos in the area, where R. vulcanus appears, but
also due to the bright red-orange colours the males develop during
mating. The females are lighter coloured, but they also have an
interesting breeding coloration: the anterior centers of the scales
become black!

vulcanus is a close relative to Rasbora reticulata. The latter is found
exclusively on the island of Nias and does not appear on Sumatra. R.
reticulata can be distinguished best from R. vulcanus by the presence of
dark stripes on the outer edges of the caudal fin, which are always
lacking in R. vulcanus.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer