Scardinus erythrophthalmus Golden

6. July 2007

Scardinus erythrophthalmus Gold

March 2004: Just in time for the pond season this very attractive variety of the Rudd (Scardinus erythropthalmus) came to us. It is an excellent ecological algae destroyer for your garden pond. The Rudd is an endemic species for the whole of Europe and Asia up to the Aral Sea. It is a friendly schooling fish, which can be accompanied with related species, like for example Roach, European Chub and Ide. The Rudd is spawning in nature or garden pond from April until June. This fish is very productive and can produce more then 100,000 eggs. Between the ventral fins and the vent the Rudd has a sharp keel. The males can only be distinguished from the females during the breeding season by a white cloudy secrete on the head.(Text: I. den Daas, Photo: F. Schäfer)

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