Sundadanio retiarius

14. February 2020

The dwarf-fish of the genus Sundadanio become only 1,5-2 cm long. They are strongly adapted to black water and require careful acclimatisation. Especially the parasite Piscinoodinum makes life difficult for the tiny fish and is also very difficult to detect on the small fish bodies. Once successfully acclimated, Sundadanio are surprisingly tough fellows that you can enjoy for many years.

For many years only one species was known, which found its way into the aquarium as Rasbora axelrodi, and in which different colour varieties were distinguished. In the meantime, there is a consensus that these are not variants, but independent species. Sundadanio retiarius of Borneo (Central Kalimantan) was known in the hobby as Rasbora axelrodi “Red” before its scientific naming. The males can be recognized by the black front anal fin rays, they also grow larger than the females. We currently have a good number of this rarity in stock.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer