Tanichthys albonubes „Gold“

6. July 2007

Tanichthys albonubes “Gold” is a selection of the well-known White Cloud or White Cloud Mountain Minnow. They were imported since the end of the 30's of the past century and were called at that time “Working Man's Neon” or the “Poor Man's Neon”. This referred on the one hand to its attractive colouring, otherwise it stood for the in comparison to neon at that time very low price. In its southwest Chinese homeland the White Cloud has become extinct due to dam projects and environmental damage, in the aquarium this is fortunately not to be feared. Because they origin from a region with tropical to the subtropical climate, they can stand temperatures to just below 10°C, and thus be set during summer into outdoor ponds. There they are outstanding devourers of mosquito larvae. A certain seasonal temperature change is promoting their breed. In the aquarium they are frugal omnivores, as swarm fishes they naturally should be maintained in a group.(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

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