Acestrorhynchus altus

27. January 2015

obtained most beautiful barracuda tetras from the state of Para in
Brazil. They look very similar to the fish we sometimes get from
Paraguay. However, the species from Paraguay has been described
scientifically as Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro, whereas the type locality
for Acestrorhynchus altus is in the state of Para, Brazil.

Acestrorhynchus pantaneiro and A. altus should proof to belong to the
same species, the elder name, A. altus, would be valid. But we still
suppose that both species are valid, although looking like twins. It
seems that the snout in A. altus is shorter than in A. pantaneiro.
Please click here for a picture of A. pantaneiro:

altus becomes about 25 cm long. One should keep this splendid predator
best in a group, for against conspecifics the fish are very peaceful.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer