Apareiodon affinis

13. October 2021

Now begins the season for one of the best algae eaters of all, the La Plata algae eater from Paraguay. Originally the species was described as Parodon affinis. It is amazingly similar in shape and coloration to the Asian Flying Foxes; but of course, the La Plata algae eater can always be easily recognized by the tetra-typical adipose fin that flying foxes always lack.

Apareiodon affinis grows to a maximum length of 15 cm and should be kept in a group of 5 specimens upwards. The fish are out all day looking for food. Besides algae they also consume any common fish food. Since they are subtropical fish, they can be kept in a wide range of temperatures (16-28°C), but sudden changes in temperature are just as harmful as keeping them constantly above 26°C for a long time (more than half a year).

The chemical composition of the water is irrelevant for the care of the animals, but it should be clean and rich in oxygen. Against conspecifics and non-species fish the La Plata algae eater is completely peaceful.

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Lexicon: Apareiodon: means “without teeth on the side of the mouth”. Parodon: means “with the same teeth”. affinis: means “similar”.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer