Blue-red Columbia tetra

6. July 2007

According to Weitzman this tetra, which was described only recently (Zarske & Géry 2001) belongs to the relationship of the “Rosy-Tetra-Group” (in the widest sense). In 1995 the first animals came to Germany, caught in a tributary of Rio Acanti, Columbia. All specimen, which are currently on the market are said to be descended from the first few imports. Already shortly after its discovery really masses of this fish were bred and offered on the market (mostly under the name Astyanax spec. or Hyphessobrycon ecuadoriensis until its scientific description), which is why the at first considerable price quickly fell to a “lower tetra level”. Hyphessobrycon columbianus is an enrichment for the hobbyists because it is colourful, peaceful and easy to breed, although it fades when not kept under optimal conditions. The water should rather be a little cooler (under 25 °C) and harder, the pH-value should be neutral to slightly alkaline. The animals also seem to be sometimes susceptible to (bacterial?) infections. (Photo & Text von P. & M. Hoffmann)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Kolumbien, Rio Acanti