Carnegiella strigata-vesca

24. August 2022

The marble hatchetfish (Carnegiella strigata) is the ideal aquarium fish. It remains small (4 cm), is peaceful and has an interesting coloration. The species is widely distributed in South America (Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Guyana, Peru and Suriname) and common. That is why it is almost always found in the offer of the ornamental fish trade. 

In the different distribution areas the marble hatchetfish looks different. In the past several subspecies were described, so fasciata from Brazil (Tabatinga), marowini and surinamensis from Suriname and vesca from Guyana. At present, however, the subspecies are not recognized. Perhaps the most beautiful, because most contrasting variant comes to us from Peru and is called “vesca” in the trade.

Hatchetfishes are somewhat skittish during acclimation and should never be kept with rowdy species. Ideal is a combination with bottom fish like corydoras catfish. When feeding, make sure that the animals only take food from the surface. Dry food is a good nutritional basis, but for breeding you have to put a little more effort and feed small insects like fruit flies. The sexes are not distinguishable externally, but females grow slightly larger and are plumper around the middle at spawning time.

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