Hyphessobrycon copelandi

12. July 2016


This tetra is the most gracile of the so called „rosy tetras“. The rosy tetras are a specious clade of tetras that share the following characters: a comparatively deep body, a humeral spot (the spot on the shoulder), long fins in males and in females an obvious white-black-white marking in the dorsal fin. The phantom tetras, rosy tetras, bleeding hearts and so on belong to that group.





Hyphessobrycon copelandi is a sought for species of fish. One can concluse this from the fact that the species has a quite well known common name in German: Federsalmler, which means „Feather tetra“. Nevertheless it is extremely rare in the trade. Most often enthusiasts had to pick up single specimens out of importations of cardinal tetras.



Now we were able to import a good number of fully grown (about 4 cm long) specimens from Brazil. Who knows, maybe a breeder decides now to build up a aquarium population of the pretty fish?


For our customers: the animals have code 259904 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.
Text & photos: Frank Schäfer