Hyphessobrycon notidanos “Red Devil

1. April 2022

Hyphessobrycon notidanos from the upper drainage of the Rio Tapajós in Brazil, which was scientifically described only in 2006, is apparently a quite multicolored animal. So there is the “Red Devil” with much red in the body and blue iris and the “Yellow Devil” with red iris. Both color forms are said to occur together in nature, but they are exported separately. They are really pretty animals, not at all devilish!

In collections from nature there were no specimens over 3 cm length (measured without caudal fin). Characteristic for the species is the pointed, extended dorsal fin of the males, which reaches almost to the adipose fin. 

The care of the unfortunately still quite expensive fish is easy and corresponds to that of e.g. king tetras (Inpaichthys kerri). For feeding, the animals greedily accept any common fish food of suitable size. Hyphessobrycon notidanos is completely peaceful and does not damage plants. The water temperature in the wild is around 26°C, a value that certainly deviates occasionally by a few degrees up or down due to weather and seasonal conditions. 

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer