Metynnis maculatus

19. November 2018

There are two rather similar species of the silver dollar genus Metynnis with a pattern of black spots. They differ mainly by the (externally not visible) number of the gill rakes and the number of scales along the long side of the body, but also somewhat in relation to the body shape. We currently call the somewhat more oval animals from Brazil M. lippincottianus (see and the more disc-shaped ones from the Orinoco entry M. maculatus; but it could also turn out in a scientific investigation that it is exactly the other way around.

Recently we received this very attractive M. maculatus from Colombia again. According to literature, the species becomes 18-20 cm long. Even if the herbivorous silver dollars are often characterized as “peaceful” against the “bloodthirsty” Piranhas: they are tetras and they can also quarrel. In the case of Metynnis, the animals often tatter the tail fin in the course of the ranking-fights. However, this is harmless and heals quickly again.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer