Nannostomus sp. Cenepa Super Red

19. January 2024

Recently we could present you a magnificent, deep red new pencil fish (see Thereby we mentioned a second species, the “Cenepa Super Red”, which we unfortunately only knew from internet pictures at that time. We now manage to import these magnificent animals on a regular basis.

The “Cenepa Super Red” differs from the “Super Red” of the Rio Amaya in Peru by the intense black stripes framing the body. We have received both deep red and pale pink specimens. Whether the pale pink specimens are females or uncolored males is hard to decide. Normally the sexes of Nannostomus differ by the shape and coloration of the anal fin. Here there are hardly any differences between the red and the pale pink “Cenepa Super Red”.

In any case, Nannostomus sp. “Cenepa Super Red” are beautiful fish that are sure to be enthusiastically received by the community of aquarium enthusiasts. Whether the trade name “Cenepa” refers to the river of the same name in the north of Peru, which forms in part the border between Ecuador and Peru and flows into the Maranon ( = the upper reaches of the Amazon), we do not know, but it seems likely.

We have also made a small movie about these fishes, which you can watch here:

For our customers: the animals have code 272243 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply wholesale.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer