Oligosarcus jenynsii

22. June 2011

This pretty predatory tetra is only imported very occasionally to Europe, although the up to 30 cm long species is quite common in the southern parts of South America (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay). The photographed specimen originates from Paraguay.

Basically speaking, Oligosarcus is nothing else but a Banded Astyanax (Astyanax fasciatus) that has been developed to a specialized predator. Oligosarcus jenynsii looks very much like a Banded Astyanax: the orange fins, the broad, platinum-shining vertical band, the humeral spot and the rhombic spot on the caudal fin base, all looks like in the Banded Astyanax. It is, however, not known whether this identical coloration is due to phylogenetic relationship or only a type of camouflage for the Oligosarcus that might be used to come near to its prey in company of the harmless Astyanax.

Oligosarcus jenynsii is – like most predatory fish – absolutely peaceful against other fish that cannot be eaten; so it is a nice task for aquarists so answer this question on the basis of aquarium observations. Oligosarcus prefers to prey on small fish that are not longer than the head of the respective Oligosarcus.

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Lexicon: Oligosarcus: from ancient Greek, means about “with few flesh”. jenynsii: dedication name.

Suggestion of a common name: Orange Finned Pike Tetra

Text & photo: Frank Schäfer

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Paraguay
Verfügbare Größe in cm 10