Paracheirodon innesi Wild

6. July 2022

You think these neon tetras are nothing special? They are! They are wild collected ones from Peru! Although for sure 99.99% of all neon tetras traded worldwide are bred ones the species is still very common in the wild. And so every now and then they are sent to Europe as ambassadors of their kind.  

It is quite interesting that the wild collected ones display a nice schooling behaviour which is almost lost in their domesticated cousins. So these small fishes are perfect study objects for comparable studies on the behaviour of wild fish and specimens which are bred in captivity over hundreds of generations. And always keep in mind that the neon tetra once was such a sensation that it was transported to the US from Germany in the legendary Hindenburg zeppelin and that the only surviving specimen in the Shedd aquarium in Chicago was lionized by tens of thousands of excited visitors.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer