Phenacogrammus aurantiacus

23. February 2016

yesterday reached us a phantastic import from the Congo that contained
several top rarities from the surroundings of Brazzaville, for example
Distichodus teugelsi, D. sp. Red Stripe, Aphyoplatys duboisi, and many
catfishes. We will present all these species to you in the next weeks,
but one small sensation should be shown here right now, despite the fact
that the fins are still slightly damaged from transportation – no
matter, this will heal in a few days: Phenacogrammus aurantiacus!

Congo tetra shows a lot of somewhat unbelievable colours, depending on
the light and the position of the fish. The basic colour is as follows: a
brownish back with bright blue shining spots, followed by a bright
shining horizontal band, that can be orange, yellow or even greenish,
below that band another broad horizontal band of leaden blue that has
also many different reflecting colours. Now follows another
orange-yellow-greenish zone, and finally the edge of the belly has
bright blue spots. A wonderful, only 6-7 cm long tetra!

For our
customers: the fish has code 158505 on our stocklist. Please note that
we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in very small
numbers only!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer