Serrasalmus geryi

8. February 2020

If ichthyologists were superstitious, they would surely believe that Serrasalmus geryi was sent to them so that they would not despair. No other species of piranha can be identified at all stages of its life as reliably and unequivocally as this endemic (i.e. it occurs exclusively there) of the Rio Tocantins in Brazil. The reddish-brown eel-stripe makes S. geryi, which grows 20-25 cm long, unmistakable. 

In nature this species, like probably most Serrasalmus species, is a rather solitary fin-eater. But there are some aquarists who successfully keep this piranha in groups and even breeding has been successful.

So a Piranha-fan known to us has maintained a functioning group S. geryi for several years, which was gradually brought together. The eight animals first swam together for about 2 years in a 1,000 litre, very elongated aquarium. Swarm behaviour could not be observed. Afterwards the animals were between 17 and 24 (!) cm long.

Spawning occurred when the fish had to be temporarily transferred to a much smaller tank for four weeks due to a hospital stay, in which NO water change was carried out over the period of four weeks. Apparently these piranhas spawn in nature under dry season conditions. Only one pair was involved in spawning (no external sex differences could be seen), no brood care was exhibited and the fish acted as free spawners.

Currently we have some very nice wild catches of this species of 10-12 cm length in stock.

For our customers: the animals have code 291904 on our stocklist. Please note that we only supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer