Serrasalmus irritans

30. October 2023

Serrasalmus irritans is a slender piranha, described by the first describer Peters in 1877 as follows: “The area above the lateral line spotted black-blue. The caudal fin with a broad black-blue band enclosing the middle of the base, the broad margin yellow-white; the anal fin reddish, black at the margin. A specimen, 17 centimeters long, from Fernando de Apure. Is called “caribe pinche” and is not as aggressive as the previous one.” 

Peters does not mention a humeral spot, but it is clearly visible on the well-preserved type specimen illustrated by Zarske (2012). This piranha is easily recognized by the above characteristics, possible confusion species are S. elongatus (more elongate, caudal fin dark gray-blackish) and S. rhombeus (red eye, dark caudal fin fringe). 

S. irritans, which is very rarely imported, is a resident of the Orinoco River basin (Colombia and Venezuela) and grows to about 20 cm in length. It is recommended, as usual with most Serrasalmus species, to keep them individually, because these piranhas are fin eaters.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer