Two new tetras from the Rio Negro region: Hyphessobrycon paepkei and H. cf. agulha

5. May 2017

In a shipment containing Hyphessobrycon socolofi (Socolof´s bleeding heart) we found an extraordinary large number of bycatches. Allmost half of the shipment were another species, obviously a close relative of H. ornatus (Rosy tetra). We took a closer look and found the the bycatches were the Goldshoulder rosy tetra, H. paepkei. This species has been described only a few years ago, the type specimens also originated from our fishhouse. Usullay onyl a few specimens could be selected from shipments of other species, but this time we had quite a good number. So we decided to assort them. A nasty buisiness, but now we were able to offer the beautiful Goldshoulder rosy tetra for the first time on a regular basis. Regarding keeping this fish: it does not differ in any respect from well known, closely related aquarium fish, like the phantom tetras or the rosy tetras.

Another new species also reached us in former times in single specimens only from the Rio Negro region. Without any doubts the animals are identical with the tetra illustrated on page 472 of „the bible of tetra lovers“, Gery´s „Characoids of the world“. The caption says „Hyphessobrycon agulha, or close to it“. In contrast to all the different varieties of tetra that look similar this one has very attractive red stripes in the caudal fin. This new tetra is also comparable in respect of aquarium demands to a very well known one, namely the Black Neon, Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi.

Hyhessobrycon cf agulha

For our customers: Both species were available in limited numbers only and are sadly sold out already.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer