Corydoras weitzmani WILD

19. July 2016


We received a shipment of beautiful, fully grown wild collected Corydoras weitzmani from Peru. The species is extremely rare in the trade. Our fish have a perfect condition!


There were strong doubts not long ago that the species might not exist at all or that it has been extinct. This was due to the fact that the scientific description of the species in 1971 gave “Cuzco in Peru” as type locality. Several expeditions searched in the region for this unique cory, but all failed. Now we know that the information on the collecting site given to the scientist who described the species was wrong. Corydoras weitzmani originates from the Madre de Dios region where it was rediscovered in 2004 by ornamental fish collectors.


Keeping the beautiful species is pretty easy. Corydoras weitzmani is a social species that should be always kept in groups. Former speculations said that the fish probably has to be kept at low temperatures, for Cuzco in the Andes lies at an altitude of 3.400 m. However, this is completely wrong. In fact neither the water chemistry nor the water temperature are of greater importance for the successful keeping of the fish, which is a perfect tankmate for a community tank.


For our customers: the fish have code 248905 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Lexicon: Corydoras: from ancient greek, means „with helmet and spear“. This refers to the strong armor and fin spines. weitzmani: dedication name for the ichthyologist Stanley H. Weitzman

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer