Corydoras armatus Venezuela

26. June 2015

armatus belongs to the species of Corydoras which are known by
scientists very long already. It represents the sixths described species
of the genus. The original descriprition appeared back in 1868. The
type specimens originated from Peru (Rio Huallaga). It is quite
astonishing that the species appeared comparatively late in the hobby –
in the 1990ies. Until now it is a real rarity in the trade.

specific name “armatus” means “weaponed, armed” and refers to the
enormous dorsal spine. This spine makes the species almost unique. Only
two other similar Corydoras are known. One originates from Brazil (Rio
Abuna, near the border to Bolivia). The Brazilian was sometimes called 
“Corydoras dorsalis” and “Corydoras ogawae”. Both names are pure fiction
and have no scientific relevance. Additionally this form has been given
the number CW86.

second sibling species comes from Peru again (Rio Nanay). This form was
given the C-number C96. While the Brazilian can only hardly be
distinguished from the “real” C. armatus by coloration (or any other
feature, except the  2.500 km distance between the Rio Huallaga and the
Rio Abuna and the larger spots on the body of CW86), C96 can be easily
recognized due to a black stripe over the shoulder, right below the
dorsal fin.

we received the pretty Corydoras armatus for the first time ever from
Venezuela! The specimens look exactly like their Peruvian cousins. Our
freshly imported fish are very healthy, large specimens. Corydoras
armatus attains a maximum length of about 5 cm.

For our
customers: the fish have code 222105 on our stocklist. Please note that
we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in limited numbers

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer