Corydoras diphyes and Otocinclus mimulus

4. November 2015

diphyes and Otocinclus mimulus are available irregularly in Germany and
have been recently described by Axenrot and Kullander (2003). They
originate from the tributary of the Rio Monday, a river flowing into the
Rio Parana in Paraguay.

species was known, for quite a long time, as Corydoras flaveolus in the
hobby; this species, however, comes however from the Brazilian state of
Sao Paulo. This catfish has a variable coloration, is comparatively
easy to breed and is very suitable for the planted community fish tank
together with peaceful companions.

the first glimpse one may confuse Corydoras diphyes with C. paleatus.
We have photographed both species together for this entrance. In direct
comparison the two species look quite different and can be easily told

their natural habitat Corydoras diphyes live in large shoals together
with Otocinclus mimulus. The coloration and pattern of A. mimulus
coincides very well with those of C.diphyes. In this way the Otocinclus
catfish tries to protect itself for predators, in this case Crenicichla
lepidota. This phenomenon is called mimicry.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer