Corydoras imitator and C39

8. February 2016

we receive imports of “Corydoras imitator” from the upper Rio Negro in
Brazil. If one takes a close look on the fish it becomes obvious that
hardly two specimens look really identical. Coloration is variable, as
well is  the shape of the body. Some fish, for sure, are unplanned
by-catches, for example C. incolicana (C1). But it seems very doubtful
that Corydoras imitator (with a quite narrow black band on the back) and
C39 (with a more robust body and a much broader band on the back that
reaches the lower plate-row of the body in the region of the tail fin)
do really represent two different species….. At least both forms are
collected and exported together and there are so many intermediate
individuals that it is impossible to assort them properly.

our customers: Corydoras cf. imitator C39 have code 227314 on our
stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer