Corydoras loxozonus

7. September 2015


cory belongs to the most attractive members of the genus Corydoras and
is also very easy to keep. One should only remember that C. loxozonus –
it originates from the Rio Orinoco and its affluents – prefers higher
temperatures. So the water temperture should not sink below 25°C for

we can offer very nice and large wild collected ones. Among these wild
ones always some specimens appear that have a rather broken dorsal band.
Formerly these individual often were taken erroneously for Corydoras
evelynae. Now we know that Corydoras loxozonus can have a very variable
pattern. Most experts believe that even such aberrant fish like C82 and
C83 belong to that species.

our customers: Corydoras loxozonus has code 233705 on our stocklist,
C83 code 233753; the latter is available in very small numbers only.
Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer