Corydoras Neon Stripe (CW9, CW10, CW14/23)

11. November 2013

Corydoras Neon Stripe (CW9, CW10, CW14/23)

A group of scientifically still undescribed species of Corydoras from Peru has bright metallic stripes over the back and is thus called “Neon Stripe”. Some of these beautiful fish are currently in our stock. One of them is the “Neon Green” (CW9), which we can offer in small numbers as wild caught, another one is the “Neon Gold Stripe” or CW10, which is offered both wild collected and bred. The albinotic CW10 is, however, only available as bred. And the “Neon Red Stripe” (CW14/23, both are same species, the duplication came because one group were kept over a black substrate), sometimes offered bred, rarely wild collected, is probably a local variety of CW10.

The collage shows you all these “Neon Stripes” to give you an overview and help you through the sometimes confusing similar names.

All these Corydoras look a bit like the common Bronze Corydoras and thus are sometimes labelled “Corydoras aeneus” plus additional name; however, the “Neon Stripes” are no close relatives of C. aeneus.

Keeping and breeding of all these beautiful fish is quite easy and can be practiced even by beginners in the hobby. It is only due to the comparatively low reproduction rate that these fish are still among the more expensive species of the genus.

For our customers: Neon Green Stripe Wild (CW9) has code 221055, Neon Gold Stripe Wild (CW 10) code 221073, Neon Gold Stripe Bred (CW 10) code 221062, Neon Red Stripe Wild (CW14/23) code 221033 and Neon Gold Stripe Albino (CW 10) code 221092 on our stocklist. Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade.

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Herkunft Peru