Farlowella hahni

25. November 2014

Farlowella hahni

species of Farlowella are fascinating animals. These suckmouth
catfishes look more alike small sticks than fishes! Currently 26 species
are recognized as valid, which are spread all over South America. Sadly
the determination of the species is often quite tricky. Four species of
Farlowella are known from Paraguay, namely F. hahni, F. isbruckeri, F.
jauruensis, and F. paraguayensis. Our recent importations are most
likely F. hahni.

any case the species is quite attarctive. Females have a much more
swollen belly than the males. Experienced aquarists have already bred a
number of Farlowella species. The members of the genus are open
spawners, the males defend the eggs. For Farlowella hahni a maximum
length of more than 20 cm has been reported.

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Text & photos: Frank Schäfer