Flyer-cats from Brazil!

26. August 2015

we received a shipment of flyer-cats (Pseudolithoxus), which have been
collected in the surroundings of Sao Gabriel do Cacheiro at the Rio
Negro. At the first glimpse the fish look very similar to P. anthrax
(L235) from Venezuela. But they are distinguished from the latter by the
much larger white spots and the white seam of the caudal fin. Our
largest males are about 15 cm long and have all features of sexual
active animals, so we think the species becomes not much larger.

and females can be best told apart by looking on them from top. The
differences in head-shape and the length of the pectoral fin can be only
hardly overlooked.

We have given these beautiful new importations the provisional L-number L235a.

our customers: the fish have code 26480-L 235A-5 on our stocklist.
Please note that we exclusively supply the wholesale trade. Available in
limited numbers only!

Text & photos: Frank Schäfer