Glyptoperichthys joselimaianus L 1, L 22

6. July 2007

Glyptoperichthys joselimaianus the “White Spot – Glycopterichthys” originates from the Rio Araguaia, one of the main tributaries of the Rio Tocantins in Brazil. There it inhabits different habitats, it was found e.g. on deadwood and also on flooded meadows. Natural water conditions (white water) do not have to be copied for maintenance, L 1 are very adaptable fish. One condition for the maintenance of adult Glycopterichthys species is however the ownership of a very large aquarium. With an overall length of approximately 40 cm, which can be reached in aquaria too, they are really stately catfishes. It is very impressing to see such a fish sailing elegantly through the aquarium. Sail Fin Plecos are not shy compared with many other Loricariids. Their large appetite is noteworthy this requires a strong filtering unit. Wild caughts of this species are only rarely found in the trade, predominantly the offered animals are asiatic pond breeds.

(Photo F. Schäfer, Text K. Diehl)

Angaben zum Tier
Herkunft Brasilien
Name Glyptoperichthys joselimaianus L 1, L 22